Fast Fix Jewelry & Watch Repairs Services

Jewelry Repair

With proper care and maintenance, your jewelry will reward you with a lifetime of enjoyment and luxury. Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs stores are staffed with professionally trained, Expert Jewelers that provide a full range of exceptional jewelry repair, refinishing and refurbishment services.Our most popular Jewelry Repair Services are showcased below for your convenience. Please visit a Fast-Fix location near you to consult with one of our Expert Jewelers regarding other available services you may require.
Cleaning and Polishing
Ring Sizing
Stone Matching
Necklace Repair
Bracelet Repair
Pearl & Bead Restringing
Sterling Silver Repair

Watch Repair

Exclusive Fast-Fix Battery Warranty Program
At Fast-Fix, we only carry the highest quality PREMIUM BATTERY BRANDS and we offer a menu of optional Battery Warranties to fit your needs. We want to provide you with the added assurance that when your timepiece stops ticking, we will get you taken care of hassle-free and on your way in no time. For all the other companies out there that will replace your battery but not offer a warranty, you have to wonder what batteries they use and why they don’t put their customers best interests first, like we do at Fast-Fix.

Fast-Fix also offers a full range of services to get your favorite timepiece up and running while you shop.

Battery Replacement
Watch Band Repair
Watch Overhauls
Cleaning & Inspection
Stem & Crown Repair
Crystal Replacement
Gasket Replacement
Water Resistance Test


The most personal touch you can add to any gift is personalizing it with your own words. Whether it’s Gold, Silver, Platinum or Glass, we can customize all your gifts. Our Fast-Fix locations offer a wide variety of engraving services and merchandise for consumers and businesses.
No matter what your personal or business needs may be, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment capable and ready to take care of it for you with a high quality finished product completed on a timely basis.

Sports Awards
Corporate Awards

Eyewear Repair

Don’t purchase another pair of expensive reading glasses or sunglasses, visit any FAST-FIX store, we will help you get them fixed.

We are able to repair different eyeglass materials including:

Full metal frames
Half metal frames
Frame-less metal
Plastic frames with metal hinges
Wooden frames with metal hinges
Titanium frames
Depending on the material there will be certain parts in the eyeglasses that we will be able to repair including:

Posts at edge of the lens
Hinge bearing

Smartphone/Tablet Repair

Just as we provide world class jewelry and watch repair service Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair is offering the same excellence in Smartphone and Tablet Repair. Bring in your broken phone or tablet and let our expert certified repair technicians assess your device for repair

Available repairs include:
•Lcd replacement
•Glass only screen replacement
•Liquid damage repair
•Battery replacement
•Micro Soldering
•Front and rear camera
•Power/Home/Mute/ Volume Button
•Volume button repair
•Vibrator repair
•Charging port repair
•Battery connector replacement
•Proximity sensor repair
•Ear/Loud speaker repair
•Audio jack repair
•Sim card and sd reader replacement
•and more!

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